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Just curious as to the improvement peeps are seeing once installing an SSD. Just built a box for Son No. 3 w/ a Seagate Barracuda XT figuring I'd add the Vertex 3 when I could find one in stock. Parts arrived on a Wednesday, scheduled a build for weekend and was able to grab a Vertex 3 off newegg Thursday nite.....Unfortunately SSD arrived on Monday (Newegg doesn't allow FedEx to deliver Overnight mail packages on Saturday).

So, on Saturday, set up the HD with Windows on a small C:\ partition. Monday night, installed the SSD and set up Windows again on the SSD. Set up BIOS to boot to SSD normally on 1st SATA III port ..... boot over ride set to boot off HD on 2nd SATA III port.

Booting to SSD from BIOS screen takes 15.6 seconds to password screen
Booting to HD from BIOS screen takes 21.1 seconds to password screen

So the SSD takes 73.58% of the time as the HD.

Was expecting a bit lower % frankly.....maybe in the 67% range ... perhaps its a bit high as the HD is faster than most.

So just wondering what times others have experienced booting their machines (starting at BIOS boot screen) from SSD and HD

System Specs: Asus WS Revolution w/ i7-2600k, 2 x 4GB CAS7 DDR3-1600, twin Asus GTX 560 Ti (900MHz), Vertex 3 120 GB, Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB
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  1. Did you used AHCI mode?
  2. Hey Jack,

    That's really weird, along with what saint asked, use the same setup with only the SSD, see if the timing changes. I think the boot times in newly installed Windows 7 SSD was under 10 for a SATA II Kingston SSD now 64GB.

    Hope this will help!
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