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Laptop GPU : What to choose?


I am planning to buy a laptop. I am interested in a Toshiba model but I am hesitating between a L510 and M300. The main difference seems to be the GPU. The way they describe is :

- L510 : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 up to 1023MB total available graphics (ext 256MB VRAM)

- M300 : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 up to 1279MB total available graphics (ext 512MB VRAM)

I guess it means that both are using the ATI hybrid technology. The HD 4530 seems to be better according to bencmarks but it has only 256MB dedicated whereas the 3470 has 512MB.

So which option would be the best for gaming? (I know they are both not the best GPUs for gaming but they are the only options within my budget).

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    I think they would be about the same or the 4530 would be a little slower. Although you would probably have better battery life with the 4530.
  2. The HD 3470 would be faster than the HD 4530...
    But like edeawillrule said, the 4530 would give better battery life and would give out less heat...
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