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I5 2400 with a MSI H61M-P23 B3. No button for OC Genie on the mobo, so would need to turn on in bios. Is this even worth turning on for this combination of cpu/mobo? The motherboard also came with MSI "Control Panel" application to adjust its settings, would I need to enable in bios first to fool with those settings, guess what I mean is are those 2 independant of each other or the same thing.
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  1. does the 2400 OC very well, i know its the 2400"K" that everyone is all buckwild for.
    I have an MSI mobo, it says i have the OC genie, never used it.
    I also have a physical switch to OC 10,15, or 20%.

    there was another thread asking/debating to OC vs just use the "turbo boost " feature,, i lost it in the mix,, hadnt flagged it.
  2. Use CLICKBIOS same as UEFI BIOS easy to use. Install from your cd
  3. doesn't one need the z68 chipset to do any OCing ??
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