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Is an Athlon X2 4800+ a bottleneck for a Sapphire Radeon AGP 3850? Board is Asus A8V Deluxe, socket 939. Should I wait and get a faster CPU like a Opteron or FX? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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  1. the only money you should spend on an old AGP system is to replace it completely when it fails , or when you can afford to
  2. well did you know that if i had the card in a pci-e slot, the extra bandwidth would be wasted anyway?
  3. I am a wee bit with Outlander, I'd use it as much as possible and be saving for a whole new setup. The changes in memory, CPU sockets, and graphics cards all mean that's it's the changeover time (where you replace almost everything). I wouldn't upgrade an AGP system unless you get offered parts really cheap.

    If you find your computer running games slow even at lower resolutions - then your CPU will most likely be the issue. In newer games you might find this more and more apparent.

    I couldn't guarantee how much of an improvement a new chip would be (as your RAM, the HyperTransport, graphics bus will all limit things). If you get offered or find some cheap upgrades then sure give it a go! But if you can I'd save for some new gear. I had to do the same thing recently, tried to use as much of my old setup as possible but in the end I just had to replace everything to get better performance.
  4. I am going to use/overclock my cpu (athlon64 3500) as much as possible so I can run the games I want to play, then I'll buy a dual core when I find one that's very cheap. Maybe I should explain that now that I have a computer that can display millions of colours and run the latest internet browsers as well as play HD video and store terabytes of data, I don't feel much pressure to buy a whole new system at this time. I'm looking for a CPU that will keep up with my video card, without being so fast that the videocard becomes the obvious bottleneck.

    As for my gaming hobby, I just want to be able to play a few new games- Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Half Life Episode 3. I think those games are all made to be purchased by a demographic which might not necessarily be interested in playing new games or have a reason to build computers with cutting edge technology, and so the games don't require cutting edge technology to look and play as they should. Since I know the right $50 CPU upgrade to my system will let me play those and they won't be replaced by anything for a while, I won't feel any need to build a whole new system for a while; although my uncle is a professional who wants me to build him a new system, and that's another project with different requirements.

    So about a CPU, I'd like to explore my options with someone on this forum. I bet a lot of people are definitely in the same boat I am. I think dual core might have better functionality with Windows 7 and applications in the future, but would consider single core if one existed that was faster than a dual core for what I plan to use it for. As I said, I'm looking for a CPU that will keep up with my video card, without being so fast that the videocard becomes the obvious bottleneck. Mild overclocking is an option, but nothing extreme because the computer is more silent than it is cool-running. I have OCZ PC3200 Platinum memory.
  5. you could have my Athlon x2 4800+ for a reasonable price if you live locally. It is a good processor (never overclocked) and I wanted to keep it for another couple of years but was forced into a new build pc when my old socket 939 motherboard developed a fault.

    Incidentally I previously upgraded from a Athlon64 3500+ to the 4800+. I found the increase in performance quite remarkable (benefitting from an increase in clock speed, cache size together with the dual core functionality).
  6. Thank you (David?), that's very kind of you, and I am located in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada region. I'll send you an email about it, but I have a hunch your handle implies you are located in the United Kingdom.
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