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Hi, I have an XFX GeForce 8800 Ultra, but I find it produces a lot of heat. Just on idle, the temperature in my room goes 5 to 10 degrees Celsius above that in the rest of the apartment.

I could add fans to my case, get a 3rd party gpu cooler, or get a case with better airflow, but that would just move the hot air quicker... the card would still be producing as much heat.

I tried underclocking the 8800 Ultra but that only made a difference of 2 degrees Celsius on the card's temp sensor which got dissipated in the room and made no difference to the room temp.

Another option would be of course to just use a less power hungry card, but I do play games that need the 8800 Ultras performance from time to time, and it would be a pain to have to switch it in each time I want to play a graphics intensive game.

I have a 8500GT lying around that only has passive cooling and doesn't create much heat. I guess I could install that alongside the 8800Ultra and hook up my monitor to the 8500 via VGA and the 8800 via DVI and just switch which video card to use. But would the 8800 be "off" and not producing any heat while I use the 8500?

Do you have any other suggestions to reduce my graphics card heat output?

Thank you all!


P.S. Here are my system specs:

XFX nForce 680i Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @2.66GHz Processor
XFX 8800 Ultra Graphics Card
1 DVD drive, 4 Hard Drives, 4GB RAM
Windows 7 32 bit
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  1. No the 8800 would not be off. It would produce as much heat as at idle as long as it is plugged in.
  2. You just need to sell your video cards on ebay for what you can get. Probably 100-120 bucks for the Ultra and 25 bucks for the 8500GT. That should give you maybe 150.00 and you put another 100 bucks with it and get yourself an EVGA GTX 275.

    The 8800GTX Ultra will run apprx 75~80*C on load, the 275 will run apprx 60~65 on load and 55*C on idle.

    The 275 is slightly less powerful than 3 of your 8800GTX Ultras in SLI. I know this as I am a former owner of an 8800GTX ACS3 tri-SLI setup and I just switch to the 275.

    I had to have a box fan at the door of my room pointing at my pc to make it bearable to sit and play but still was sweating. I am at my gaming rig now with no fan and not sweating.

    You won't be disappointed with this choice I can assure you. My 3dmark06 score with the 8800GTX ACS3 tri-SLI setup was 18,500~19,500.

    I only benched 1 time with the 275 but it was 18,400. I can still add two more of these cards and probably will do so.
  3. Can you post your Graphic card temps?

    Well I will advice you to open the windows for some air circulation in the room and also add up some more fans in the case so that the card remains cool.(And if the card is cool then there will be lesser heat).

    Try fitting a fan directly facing the heatsink of the card.That helped temps go down by ~10c in my case.
  4. In the past I have routed my hot PC exhuast out the house with a dryer duct ...... IT works! Just get some really good fans and some dryer duct hook it up to the exhaust of the pc AND ROUTE OUTSIDE THROUGH WINDOW OR like me I cut a hole in the wall. but not every one can do that
  5. Thanks everybody!

    My 8800 Ultra idles around 76C and goes up at least to 100 under load, tested using GPUTool. Thanks for the advice about the GTX275, I'll look into that and the idea of routing the exhaust out the window is pretty cool, although my computer isn't really that close to a window and I'm thinking of getting a new case with better airflow and several exhaust fans, which would make things complicated.... good thinking though!

    I must say, as a first time poster I'm really impressed with this community!
  6. Great. The suggestion I offered is the actual route I took and I couldnt be happier...

    BTW the temps on your card are way hotter than normal.
  7. way way way hotter
    try taking the HSF off and reaply some good thermal paste
  8. You could always buy WC. It's much more effiecent.
  9. chef7734 said:
    No the 8800 would not be off. It would produce as much heat as at idle as long as it is plugged in.

    nah the card could be disabled then re-enabled when play time comes around
  10. Yeah, that card runs hot. Of course if you had another one to run in SLI you would really be sweating it, lol. Anyway going with a GTX 275 or a 260 sp 216 would be an upgrade and help lower your temps. There aren't alot of third party air coolers for the Ultra that will help you much, so you may also want to think about just water cooling the whole thing instead. Heat will still be dumped into your room, but if the card and cpu are running cooler then they aren't leaking as much power in the form of heat which should help.
  11. heat disappation to the room will be the same no matter what cooler you use. This is why I say duct it out or get a cooler card
  12. xtc28 said:
    nah the card could be disabled then re-enabled when play time comes around

    Even if you disable the card if it is plugged in it is pulling the same amount of power as if it was at idle. Not hard to understand. If anyhting is pluggd into the psu unless you have a switch cutting the current off from the device it will draw power. You can not dictate what receives power from the psu. without a break in the loop(switch).
  13. @megamanx00,

    I have the same motherboard as you installed on my media center setup and I am having some issues with it. Since you have that board do you mind reading my thread?

    Maybe you have had some issues as well or know something about it. I'm waiting on Gigabyte to get back with me on it. If I don't get a reply by tomorrow I think I will request an RMA and ship it now without the troubleshooting from them.

    Sorry OP for hijacking your thread...
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