No power plug for graphics interface.......!!

Hi guys.......I'm in the middle of switching mobo's from a ECS lga 775 945p v.1, to a ASUS pt6 dlx...............during hookup and connection of the asus i'm seeing it does not show with a power plug on the board for the graphics interface as it is on the ECS........On the ECS it's labled " ATX4P1 "printed on the board itself. Now I'm not sure where to plug in this cable of which I have in my hand. It seems to be just that, a PWR cable, but there is nowhere to plug it on the new board ( asus)..........All other connections made sense until I got to the last one, this one!........any help would be appreciated, including the possibility that this board has taken care of the graphics interface in another way......THANKS!
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  1. u probably dont need that cable, i have one on my mobo, but i dont even use it.
  2. If the Asus has an 8 pin connector, then your 4 pin connector will plug in on one side (its shaped, so can only go in one way at one end).
  3. cappy k said:
    On the ECS it's labled " ATX4P1 "printed on the board itself.
    Was that plugged in near the CPU socket?

    Did you plug an 8pin power lead into the motherboard near the CPU socket on the PT6 DLX?
  4. Yeah good point, just looked up his motherboard.

    Looking at this image:

    If you mean the 4 pin molex plug that's next to the PCI Express slot, then that's not needed.

    If you mean the square 4 pin plug next to the CPU socket, then this will be replaced by either another one identical, or an 8 pin version (of which you can still use a 4pin line if you don't have an 8 pin power line).
  5. Gentlemen.......All is good...apparently all is working fine without that plug being used.....somehow everything checks out so it can be said ( as so stated by one of you) that this connection is to be a thing of the past whereas this mobo has another "IDEA" for this cable.............just want to thank all of you for your kind responses and we are happy to know that people in the know are out there when things come to a standstill.....THANK YOU GUYS.
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