Noob needs advice

Hi all
Just joined and wanted some advice from any of the experts out there.
I'm thinking of upgrading soon to an i5 2500k but in the mean time would anyone be able to tell me if the system I currently have can be overclocked.
I've never done anything like it before so I am a complete noob to it.
Any explanation in idiot speek would be great :)

Currently I have an
Asrock P43DE
Intel Core Duo E6700
4 x 2GB Kingston Hyper X DDR2 PC2-6400 400mhz
Titan Fenrir Cooler
Radeon HD4870 1Ggb
Mod XStream Pro 700W

Hope this helps a little
Thanks for looking

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  1. What do you have for bios options? My guess is yes, you can overclock. There is a basic core 2 overclocking guide at the top of the overclocking section that might get you started.
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