Memory Type DDR3 ECC

Configuring a Lenovo D20.
2 Xenon Processors w5580
FX4800 Graphics

Am I correct that Registered memory is slower than unregistered?
In this case - my options are:
DDR3 ECC RDIMMs PC3-8500 1067MHz
DDR3 ECC uDIMM PC3-10600 1333MHZ

Advice please.
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  1. You have to compare the latencies, which you can find in the data sheets.
  2. typically ecc is slower due to the extra steps needed to verify the data

    same with registered though registered mem is easier on the mem controller since some of the load is moved the register module

    that said you will not see the differences outside of a benchmark.
    ecc is generally reserved for servers and registered for high mem capacities both of which must be supported by both the mem and mb
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