Can't "see" RAID 1 in Explorer on Vista Machine - Pleeese help!


I have a home built machine with an Asus P5Q Mobo. I am running a fresh install of vista on a 500 gig Western Digital hard drive. I am trying to add two brand new WD 500 gig hard drives as a RAID 1. I think I did everything correctly. The Device Manager shows the RAID and so does the Intel Matrix Storage Console. In Disk Management, the RAID shows as a 465.76 space that is Unallocated. I can't seem to figure out how to get the RAID to show up as a Hard Drive in Vista's Windows Explorer. I am at wits end on this... Can someone help me please?

Thank you so much.

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  1. I'm thinking that I am missing something obvious... I have been over & over this.

    Do I need to format the drives somehow? I thought the drives were formatted when the Raid controller set them up. Do, I need to put in a partition? Augh! I am going nuts with this!
  2. The RAID shows up here:

    And here:

    And here:

    But, I just don't know what to do next to get it to show up here:

    Got any ideas?

  3. It doesn't look like you partitioned/formatted it.
  4. Hi there, Aertea. Thank you so much for the reply.

    Can I format the RAID 1 now? I mean, with it being set-up? I have no files in there to lose, so it's no biggie, if I can. I thought with the drives being new, they wouldn't need formatting.

    How do I format them?

    Thanks again for your reply!
  5. Okay, here's what I did-

    I had three 500 gig drives, two brand new. I set the drive configuration in the bios to "raid" before I did anything. Then, with one drive hooked up, I installed Vista. Once I had vista going, I installed all the mobo files, updated Vista and got the lasted Intel Matrix Storage Console. I then shut down the computer and hooked up the two new hard drives. When it booted up I did the "cnrl-i" and told it which drives to make a RAID 1 with. Everything looks good.

    I am at the stage where I have the RAID, I mean VOLUME listed as a drive that is Unallocated. I was just recently told THIS:

    "Press Start - right click My Computer - Manage - Disk Management.
    New RAID Volumes and single HDDs will here be seen as Unallocated.
    Initialize - (Partition) - Format."

    I was able to right click on the drive (Volume) and get it to initialize, but I don't know how to format it. The only option I have is to create a "simple Volume" But that says it can only be done on single disks! I don't get it. What do I do?

    I feel that I am really close to getting this working. Any help I can get will be great!
  6. It looks like the RAID is up and running from your screenshots.

    Have you tried right-clicking on the Disk 1 entry and looking for options like 'Create partition' and 'Format'?

    Sorry, but I don't have an unallocated drive to hand to be able to give more detail.

  7. Hi, and thanks for piping in, awcroton!

    When I right click on the drive over to the left, I get this:

    When I right-click on the drive (actually VOLUME, right?) over on the right side, I get this:


    What to do... what to do...
  8. When I go to "new simple volume", the wizard pops up and says-

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    Sorry I'm going from memory on this on - I've got a similar config on the machine that I'm on at the moment ... 2 * 150 GB WD Raptors mirrored + 3 * 500GB WD RE2s RAID 5 - and I'm not going to delete a partition to see want it says ;-)

    As far as Windows is concerned, your RAID volume _is_ 1 disk - it's the hardware that knows different.

    I think you want a simple volume - striped or spanned is when Windows is trying to RAID for you 'cos you don't have the hardware.

  10. :bounce:

    ♬♪Bravo and hallelujah! ♪ ♬

    I got it now....

    Oh, man am I happy.

    Thanks awcroton.

    I got it and I am so thrilled the nightmare is over!


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  12. Creation Procedure For Non-Boot Raid 1 on Alienware Aurora
    (set up through the hardware)

    > install HDs for the RAID (should be identical)
    > press F2 during startup
    > click on Integrated Services
    > change AHCI to Raid
    > click on Advanced BIOS, OptionROM Display Screen > enter > Display
    > F10
    > reboot--when the Raid controller flashes during startup, click Ctrl-i
    > create Raid volume - name it, select Raid1/mirrored, select drives, volume
    size to max, create volume (ok to overwrite disks)
    > escape, reboot
    > start > rightclick Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management
    > right click the Raid at the bottom
    > select New Simple Volume... (ignore notice on the next screen)
    > follow the wizard, choose to format the disk
    > done!
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