LG 100hz OR Samsung 60hz ? for PC

Hello ,
i wanna buy a new lcd today ..
i have Sapphire HD4870X2 graphic card ....
im confused of which to buy ...
Lg 32" Full HD 100Hz model:32LH70YR
Samsung 32" Full HD 60Hz model:LA32B530

I have 19"inch Samsung PC screen ... im using it about 5 years till now ... i had no problem at all till now ... so , i can say : samsung = IMBA
and as i heared samsung is better than LG ,
so what is the best for me ? Samsung Full hd with normal Hz ( 60 ) ?
or LG which i never tried befor Full hd and 100 (Hz) ?
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  1. IMO, refresh rate doesn't matter in lcds. Response time do. :)
  2. It doesnt matter in the same way that mattered with CRTs. There is no flickering but the monitor can display 100 frames per second instead of 60.
  3. Definitely LG. You will see a difference in FPS and race games, it will be smoother. Samsung = LG. Just diffetent name.
  4. so ? i know :D but never tried or compared both of them .. i mean i used 60hz but not 100 .. so i dont know :X what u say ?
    and the Response time is :
    LG 2.4Ms
    Samsung 6ms
    what u say ?
    which is better with response time ? less or more ? 2.4 or 6 to pick ?:D
  5. It's quite simple. If you have higher refresh rate and lower response rate in LG for the same price as Samsung, then take LG.
  6. Thanks guys ... fast replies ...
    i will pick the lg 2day :D
    chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :D cheers
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