My graphic card - Good or Bad


I want a expert on this....
Need to know if my graphics card is even worth looking at.

I already know.
Cause I'm a hardcore gamer

um, pictures help?

I think that tells my card....
All I know is that when I play some games they get real laggy and slow.
Games include:
Command and Conquer : Generals
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

They get real slow and laggy. Bioshock is just plain unplayable

Turning the graphics and settings to low, game is quite fine but still slow.

hmm, my computer crap or what?
Just bought it like 5 months ago..
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    Can't game with Intel Graphics and seeing as this is a laptop there isn't an upgrade option. Your computer isn't crap for things like schoolwork, battery life, and watching movies, but for just about everything else it sucks. It won't able to run games a decent frame rates ever. If you are willing to buy a computer then make sure it has decent graphics.
  2. +1^, As far as gaming goes your screwed.
  3. integrated graphics on laptop = bad gaming.
  4. @all
    heh ha err
    Yea, see I didnt know laptops were non upgradeable

    however I did buy a desktop pc so..yea
    ill post screens of it later but judging by the way it handles bioshock (all settings turned off, res. is 640x400 it actually plays almost 60FPS) it doesnt beat my laptop
    it IS nivida
    at least thats upgradeable :p

    thanks, I was wondering why C&C was slow ;)
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