Sound card negate on board sound?

Just wondering if installing a sound card will negate the on board sound.
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  1. No, you have to disable the onboard in your BIOS.
  2. quixotic here - I really want to use both is this possible or do I have to choose one over the other?
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    Depends. Some sound cards will play nice with onboard sound, where others (Creative) will not work right if onboard sound is still enabled. Either way, unless you're application allows you to specifiy which output device to use, you can only have one output device active at a time.
  4. Why would you need to use both?
  5. ^^ Multiple output devices, multiple input devices, or (software allowing), outputting to more then one speaker depending on application.

    Example: I use my Tritton AX Pro headset (digital) with my D2 as my primary headset, so that takes my D2's optical output. My Optical Input is connected to my PS3, eating my optical input port. My analouge ports are taken by my backup headset (Razer Barracuda AC-1).

    Meanwhile, my crappy 2.1 setup is still connected to my onboard, which I use when my buddies come over (and my headphones are useless).
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