HP Laptop i7 or the Intel Quad Processor

I bought the HP DV7-2185dx which has a Quad Core Q9000 processor in it. They just replaced this system with the i7 processor. Is it worth exchanging it for this new one. It wont cost me anything just the time of taking the stuff off this laptop. It also had a 7200 RPM HD instead of a 5200 RPM and it had NVDIEA graphics card instead of ATI.
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  1. The i7 is better without a doubt.
  2. if it costs u nothing then go for it,i7 is better no doubts about it,however if u are going to game then check that what GPU u have currently and what is going to replace it
  3. i7 would be awsome :)
  4. cjl said:
    The i7 is better without a doubt.

    So the i7 will be faster even though the Quad Q9000 is 2GHz and the i7 is 1.6GHz????

    Forgive me is this is obvious, i'm not very knowledgeable.
  5. Yes. If it is to be used for gaming though, the GPU matters quite a bit as well. What graphics card is in each?
  6. The Intel Quad has the : Video Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (M96)

    and the i7 has the: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M (NB10P GE) graphics

  7. Those card perform like each other in most games,the difference between them isn't noticeable
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