Update for a780x-a2

i need to update my motherboard for setup windows7.
please help me.
my motherboard is Biostar A780X-A2
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  1. You should have a driver cd. Just place it in the dvd drive if windows can't find a device driver. Your board is new enough so windows 7 should find most of the motherboard devices and load the drivers without the cd. But check the device manager when you're done installing 7 to see if any devices have a mark next to them. That means 7 didn't load the driver. Then use the motherboard cd. You don't have to flash the bios to use 7. I don't recommend it. If you're using windows 7 pro or ultimate and want to save your xp files to use with 7, there's an instruction page on microsoft's website to migrate your files over to 7 without losing them. But I don't have a link; do a search.
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