Is it time to upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade from what I have?


q6600 @ 3.0
ep45-ud3p gigabyte
8800gts 640 mb
8 gigs of ram
2 terabytes

I am okay for a spell or should I pull the trigger?
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  1. maybe upgrade the gpu
  2. it depends what you use it for
    what os?
    what resolution do you use?
  3. Specs are nice.

    The only thing that needs to be upgraded is the GPU.
    Though it also depends on what you use the PC for?
  4. Is performance acceptable for you.... Unless you have a specific issue with performance in an app / game - I would wait
  5. It all depends on you, but in my opinion, I think its better to wait and make sure all TRUE NEXT generation parts are out to make the next build worth while. If you already have a sufficient and "once future" proffed system like I do, it is better to wait just a few more months for the next gen parts like cheaper yet better SSDs, X58 boards w USB3.0, second gen 1333 core i7's, GTX300's Ati 4850's,4870x2's, Blu-Ray drives that are cheaper, cheaper DDR3, and Win7 sp1 at the very least for a true next gen system.

    If you have even more patience AND money, you can wait for the Hexacore Chips. So if you have some extra cash to spend just wait or buy a GPU but since your system is almost maxed out and is still good(future proofed), wait and build for something that will make you use your PC for at least 3-5years. Thus one last thing, wait for USB3.0 and WIN7sp2.
  6. Hi,

    I still use my P5W DH DLX / Q6700 / 4GB / 8800GTS 640MB.

    I got no problem with recent games and I will maybe upgrade the gpu to some ati 58xx after they got some custom coolers.

    You may upgrade the gpu if you have problem with games/soft, but the rest is ok.

  7. thanx u guys helped alot.......and I am running windows 7 ultimate......Now just trying to find a worth wild gpu. I have been looking at a 275 gtx.......oh and by the way the pwer supply is a there any gpu from ati that competes with that?
  8. 4890 competes with GTX 275.

    Though if you can spend a few bucks more then you can get a HD5850.
    Which is faster than both.

    Also Has Dx11.
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