1st time overclocking my amd x2 4200+

I am totally new to overclocking and i'm planning on buying a new mobo/cpu but in the mean time I want to squeeze as much power out of my current parts as possible. my system specs a Windsor AMD X2 4200+ @ 2.2Ghz, 4gb of Ram,ABIT KN9 Motherboard ,and an nvidia 9500gt. I've also installed a Corsair H50 high performance cooler.

I believe my cpu is a Windsor
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  1. What specs have your RAM?
  2. my ram is DDR2
  3. DDR2 800? DDR2 533?, what speed?
  4. My ram is DDR2 PC2-5300.

    I'm fine with my GPU at the moment, I'd like to OC my cpu at this point until I get some more money for a general upgrade or a new rig.

    I raised the cpu external clock in bios but when I rebooted nothing happened so I had to clear CMOS.

    I hear its best to go into Bios to OC but is there any software I could use that could be a little more user friendly? Any tips or walkthroughs would be really appreciated.
  5. We need start with the basic, since your CPU is locked multiplier you will need change the RAM speed from 5300 to the lowest possible. After that you need rise the FSB in little steps and keep the NB and HT the most possible near to 2000MHz. Try to boot and test your rig for stability with LinX, check your temps too and dont go with too much temps or voltage or you can damage the CPU.
  6. Alright thanks for the help but can anyone put this in lamen's terms or provide a guide? I use core temp to see my temps.
  7. Not your processor, or motherboard, but he goes over the basics of how to overclock (multipliers, fsb, ht etc), and is a good starting point.

  8. Thanks for the video, I found another video for my cpu but is this legit? The guy is moving REALLY fast.

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