Pc disk drive not recognizing the drives...

PC is not recognizing my flash memory or camera disk. What do I do?
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  1. It's a 3 yr old HP Pavillion. Also important to note, when inserting anything from disks, sticks or cards they all are not being recognized by the pc.
  2. You mean the USB ports do not work.
    Go in Device manager, delete the entries and restart the computer. It will rerecognize the USB ports.
    Make sure USB is turned on in the bios.
  3. thanks. that leads me to real smart questons: where is the Devise Manager? How do I delete entries and how can I confirm the USB is turned on in the BIOS?
  4. Right click my computer and select hardware tab, then device manager.

    To enter the bios you need to press F1 or F2 or escape at startup.
  5. The Device Manager has sub tier components under my PC. It has the Computer, Disk drives, display adapters, DVD/CDROM Drives, etc.
    Are you recommending me to delete or uninstall all of these? How does this happen? does the system automatically re-install all of these or am I way off here?
  6. I guess my question is to return my PC to recognizing my USB's and other disks, what I need to know is what entries should I delete under the Device Manager?
  7. Delete everything below USB Serial Bus Controllers and restart.
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