New CPU, I Think?

I am in need of a new CPU, I am thinking, but I am not sure which one, and if that is all I need.

My system:

HD 4850 Golden Sample
E6550 (2.33Ghz)
2Gb 667 Mhz

I am specifically gearing up for ArmA 2, especially at the further draw distances, and so that I don't bottleneck my GPU. I also like to FRAPS games.

I have about $200 AUD, and I can go a little bit over, if necessary.

I am thinking, maybe, the E7500, at around $200, or the Q8200, at around $270. Overclocking is something I would like to pursue, so if that could be taken into account, when looking at my specs, that'd be helpful. i guess it comes back to the dual vs quad debate.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. EDIT: I shop using . I see the Q8400 and the E8400 are similar prices, there. Hmm...
  2. are you sure you can keep the mb?
  3. buy the q, only thing is that it dosent have virtualisation
  4. Sure I can?

    'Supports Intel® Core™ 2 multi-core and 45nm processors to FSB 1600 (O.C.) "

    Info says it supports 45nm quads, too.

    I realise I am talking about 4 CPU's in the first post: E8400, E7500, Q8200, Q8400.

    I am leaning towards the quads, and I noticed that the Q8400, E8400, and Q8200, are all in similar price ranges, really.

    But I was wondering your total opinion, and on other components? I would like to overclock, if possible.

  5. Oh, and in addition to my above queries; virtualisation? Is that important for me? Isn't it running multiple OS's per CPU?

    And Intel page shows Q8xx's as without hyperthreading, either. Also important?
  6. Only a few pentium 4's and i7's have hyper threading nothing else ever did so that isnt important. Virtualisation is important for running xp mode in windows 7.
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