Startup = no bios ?


I got at problem with my new computer, when I have connected all the parts and I turn on the computer, the fans start on the psu, gfx and cpu but I dont get any screen picture = no bios

I dont have any speaker to hear beep fail sounds.

I have tried the gfx in another com and it works fine, I have tried with another psu same problem and I have tried with other ram's same problem.

then there is only the cpu and mobo back, I returned the mobo where I have purchased it and the agreed with me on it was a defect on the board so I got a new one but when I came back home, the problem is the same, no screen , no bios

what can be the problem?

Intel Core i5 650
Corsair Corsair Twin3X 2x2048MB DDR3
Inno3D GeForce GTX260
650W PSU
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  1. What power supply are you using? List the brand and 12v rail rating.
  2. Energon EPS-650W Ultra Silent

    EPS-650W Ultra Silent, 650W, Connectors - 20/24pin ATX connector- 6x HDD/DVD (Ohmlegs)- 2x FDD- 4x S-ATA- 1x EPS 8 pins, seperable to 4pins- 1x PCI-E 6+2 pins- 1x PCI-E 6 pins Tech Output: 650 WattPFC: passiv
  3. I would try a different video card or ram. Asus boards can be picky about ram. If you get to the post screen, manually set the ram voltage and timings in the bios, which can be found on the ram label or at newegg, if they carry it. Also try just one stick of ram and be sure to set the voltage and timings. You may only have one chance.
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