Can someone show me a diagram for my 9-pin header IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)

can someone show me a diagram for my 9-pin header on my IPIBL-LA (Berkeley)? I got a HAF 932 and the pins for the leds power switch and reset switch are loose so I have to arrange them manually. My board says what the pins are but it doesn't indicate witch ones are positive and witch ones are negative and neither dose the connectors for the HAF 932. Thanks.
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    It won't hurt to have them backwards. Try all positions until the hardrive and power led lights work. The power switch will work in either direction, but to test it, try turning off the system just after the post screen when the screen is blank for a few seconds. If it turns off, then it's the right direction. I just turn the reset lead the same direction as the other lead it shares space with.
  2. If your using an hp case with an hp motherboard, the case lead should fit; but if the pin count is different, try just placing the wired leads on the pins; the leads without wires can hang over off the pins.
  3. I tried matching the pin colors from my hp case but the colors for the hp connector were a different color. I could try just connecting them up and see what happens.
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