Dedicated 128MB Aegia PhysX card with an HD 4890 1GB: Worth it?

Alright, so I came across this: ... and pondered the possibility. With a dinky 128MB of memory, is that thing even worth it? Is PhysX itself worth the 20 bucks I'd spend on it?
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  1. The answer is debatable, but in reality, it sort of depends on what you plan to do with it. So, what games do you play and do they take advantage of Physx?

    I would recommend you look at this article/review for more info:,2764.html

    Unless you just want to play with it, I would put my $20 elsewhere.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the info and the really helpful article :) Well, the system isn't up and running quite yet (still waiting on the shipment of my processor); so I haven't really gotten any games lined up. I saw that Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bad Company 2 both use PhysX; and those are two titles I'm definitely planning on playing. I just wasn't sure if 128MB of memory on a dedicated PhysX card (for $20 USD) would really yield any worthy difference as opposed to running without it. Any thoughts?
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    I wouldn't make such a purchase. But for only $20 (or so) it might be fun to play with. I don't think you'll see massive gains in performance by using this card.

    Good luck!
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  5. I have
    2.80 Dual Core processor
    1gb ram
    ati radeo 128mb graphics card
    i play Batllefield 2,arkham asylum and also Batllefield 2142
    So you can play it on mid setings :D
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