Corsair PSU fan starting to make a grinding noise

My corsair PSU is starting to make a grinding noise what could this mean down the road. how long will it last befor it gose? Should I get a new PSU?
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  1. It means it's probably going to die, no one can tell you when.
    Corsair psu's haven't been on the market long enough to be out of warranty, try contacting them.
  2. If you feel competent, you can open up the PSU and replace the yourself if that's the only thing wrong with the PSU.
  3. well it's not a loud grind it's like it's touching ti gently. Could this be dust? Sould I try sprying it out with Dust off?

    or could it be a loose screw I tap the side of the PSU and it stops for about a few seconds.
  4. I suggest NOT opening the PSU case as that voids the warranty. Visually inspect the area around the fan and see if you see any type of obstruction. And yes, blowing it out with compressed air is a good idea.

    If the problem persists, we'll replace it.
  5. nvm it's not the PSU it's the one of my CPU fans going on my monsoon LT III
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