PCIe bus speed x16

Okay I been asking this question at Asus's fourm but it seems nobody can help me there. Actully I am not even sure if this is a real problem.

First let me tell you want system I have:

Asus P6T (standard not deluxe!)
Intel i7-920 (currently not OC)
6GB OCZ 1600 DDR3 Tri-channel
Corsair H50 Cooler
Seagate 1TB HDD
Corsair TX650

Okay well I had a previous problem with my video card's and getting the BSOD but that is now fixed. But now the problem that PNY has told me about is that when I submitted the nvidia system information to them through email they said they didn't understand why one of the PCIe slots was running at x16 which is normal and the other was only running at x8 which they said it should be running at x16.

I have updated the bios and even updated the video drivers even took both cards out and used one at a time in both slots and get x16 but when both are in they arn in one runs at x8. I looked through the bios and there is no way to change the north bridge settings. So my real question is is this normal or do I have a problem?
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  1. Are you using the two blue slots? Pretty weird issue there. Make sure there is no dust in the PCI-E slots. Blow them out with compressed air to be sure.
  2. Yes I am using the two blue PCIe x16 slots.
  3. Okay well I finally called ASUS and they didn't ask much they just sent me a RMA right away. I wonder if this was common.
  4. Could be they have had other boards with a defective slot. Well, hope the RMA board works out for you.
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