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Hi, I'm a bit confused as to which SATA connections to use for the ASUS P7P55-E EVO that I've bought. I want to connect an Intel SSD to be my boot drive, and then 3* 1TB drives for data in Raid 5 - Looks like the Intel controller will be the best bet for the 3 raid drives, but for the SSD I _could_ put it on the JMicron, Intel or Marvel controllers that this board has - which option is likely to give the best performance?

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  1. Try Intel. You may also use the other tb hardrive software to prep and install the hardrives including the Intel ssd. You can make a drive to drive copy after prepping all the drives. Only one should be used as a boot drive. I use maxblast 5, which works with seagate and maxtor drives, but other brands have similar software. For example, you may use maxblast to prep the Intel drive if it's detected and the other drive is seagate or maxblast. Once the ssd is set up as a boot drive, then you can do the drive to drive copy if the source drive is seagate or maxtor to the ssd.
  2. Thanks o1die,

    I didn't know that you need to prep an SSD - well, you learn something every day!

    I'm pretty confident about being able to get an OS installed on the drive - if all else fails RTM ... but what I cannot see in any of the docs is which controller the SSD would be best connected to for overall system performance.

    My gut feeling is that it would be better connected to either the JMicron or the Marvel - that way the SSD communications don't go through the same controller as the data for the RAID disks - which should (in theory) mean that there is less likelihood of a bottle-neck at the controller ... but if the Intel's performance is that much better than the others it may still be the best option.

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