Dell 3007wfp Nvidia 7900 GTX

Resolution 2560 x 1600 goes black on Dell 3007wfp, will only support 1280 x 800. I think it is me!

Any help is highly appreciated.

Dell 700 XPS.....2- 7900GTX cards, SLI disabled
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  1. sounds like a driver issue, did you ever have the monitor working at that resolution?
  2. Yes, I had it running on a Diminsion 8200 XP Pro with Nvidia 6800 GTO for over 3 years now. Just switched over to the XPS700 Vista x64 and have tried all the drivers available. Currently running the latest version. I have reason to believe that one of the cards is bad, dell is sending a new one. I have tried both cards, no luck.

    I do have it attached to a Gefen Cat5-1500 HDR extender, but Gefen states that "it just an amp and will not affect resolution"

  3. Quote:
    Surprised something as old as those are still under warranty or dell can still find them.

    Still, even with just one card in it should display fine.

    Looking at that extender and it would appear to only support single link dvi which is incapable of supporting the monitors res. Did you say you have been using that setup for 3 years?

    Can you test it without the Gefen device?


    I am thinking along the same line, going to test this evening ( a little heavy for my lightweight self - but the workout never hurts ) Thanks, I will let you know if Gefen is right or not.
  4. Strange.........

    Works fine without Gefen amp/extend!

    Thanks again for bringing up what I was too lazy to do. I know better than to just take someones word or what "should" work. I have been in the business way too long for such a lazy mistake!! However, I do get lazy!

    Anyway, at least I know it will work when the new XPS 730x H2C is delivered I will be moving the XPS 700 in my office for the direct connect (- Gefen).

    BTW Dell sends refurbs! LOL
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