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ASUS launched a new BIOS for the Renegade II Gene. My ASUS CG5290 has the Renegade in it. Can i flash the new BIOS for the motherboard to my computer or do I have to use the BIOS that is 'for my computer'? The new one is 3 months newer.
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  1. Usually when a company comes out with a new BIOS for a motherboard it is to address a common problem with that particular board (not all boards will have this problem). If your not having problems it's recommended you "do not" Flash the BIOS. A bad flash could render you computer useless if it goes wrong.
  2. The BIOS "may" work BUT... i would not try it unless i had lots of money and was willing to experiment. Only use BIOS specifically designed for your own motherboard (even revision matters).

    Like unclefester said above, unless you are trying to achieve something with the newer BIOS (stabililty, overclock, eliminate problems, etc), then there is no reason to update.
  3. Well my computer is only showing 6 of the 9gb installed memory and not sure why. It used to show all 9gb. I took the video card out to blow the case out and that seems to be the time it changed. I'm showing memory address conflicts with the video card and other devices and wonder is the new BIOS would allow me to do a memory remap. I also noticed last night by using the AI Manager and the ASUS support DVD that DIMM0 and DIMM1 are not showing up, BUT in CPU-Z they do and it still shows all 9gb of ram. I'm just totally lost to why this is happened. I used to be able to play games and sit at liek 14-15% memory use now i'm at 40ish%
  4. Hmm... obviously when you removed the card something changed. Try resitting all your memory modules, even though they look alright. Then try a clear CMOS to reset the BIOS to its original state. If that does not help, then try re-flashing with the latest BIOS from your manufacturer and see if that helps.

    Last line of defense, take all your system out of the box and do a bare system test. Unplug everything and keep only the necessary to switch on and boot. If still nothing happens, then it is either your memory or your motherboard (most probable motherboard). If it is under warranty, get an RMA and change it.
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