HELP!! What is the best product for cooling a RAM?

Hey guys, I’ve got a problem with using my RAM … I used the thermal tape to attach my heatsink on it yet it’s still very hot. Sigh … seems like my cooler doesn’t cool down the RAM properly. My card was almost ruined when I tried to remove the heatsink. Please help !!! Is there something like a thermal pad that can resolve this problem?
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  1. what case and cooling do you use? ddr3?
  2. Re othrys: Now i am using the AMD HD 6970 VGA card with a non-stock cooler. Actually i want to attach my heatsink on the the VGA RAM, and i am looking for the product that can transfer the heat to the heatsink and also can have a sticky function that stick the heatsink onto the RAM. But i heard someone said thermal tape is too sticky which will lead to peel off the VGA RAM together with the heatsink, the the VGA card was dealth.
  3. what is your case? ... your saying the card helped cook your ram... im gonna hit 6950 crossfire sometime later this year

    havn't decided which ram cooling to get yet but i'd imagine its some type of fan i'll be using... my case will be the haf-932 which has great air circulation... can use a radiator and its got 140mm fan on the side and 3 120mm fans well 1 is optional... top/bottom/back :) ... plus 3 small fans at the front :)
  4. ARTIC G-1 is a thermal glue that has higher heat dissipation rates than thermal pad and easier removal than thermal tape. Check out
    Hope that helps.
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