When did OCZ stop using the Jmicron controller?

Hi guys,

I just recently ordered 2 ocz agility drives to setup in raid 0. I checked newegg and they have a good review score overall. My concern is that I just read the article on how terrible the jmicron controller is and how it speeds up the degradation of SSD drives.

It also mentions that recently, OCZ swapped out the Jmicron controllers in its drives in favor of Indilink's Barefoot controller. So, now I'm wondering WHEN they started doing this as I hope I bought these drives late enough to not get old stock.

If anyone knows I'd appreciate a response.

Cheers and thanks
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  1. you seem to be mixing up a bunch of outdated info here. JMicron controllers were used on the original first gen series. Indilinx barefoot controllers have been used for more than a year now.

    Only recent swap OCZ has done lately is using 25nm nand on their Sandforce controlled drives. No controller swaps at all.
  2. True true.. I'm very new to SSDs so I seem to have my details mixed up. Thing is I have 2 Jmicron SATA ports on my MOBO and the more I read about it the less I want to use that feature so I'm looking for a bit of guidance in this respect.
  3. JMicron is one of the poorest performing sata chipsets on the market and is usually good for opticals or slower HDD.

    If you have an Intel based mobo, you'll want to be on those ports.

    What mobo do you have?
  4. Asus P6T... And just that. No P6T WS or anything like that lol
  5. hook the drives to the very first 2 ports which should be the ICH10R sata chip.

    Should see 400+MB/s reads and 300+ MB/s write speeds. Depends on the capacity of the drives as the larger you go the faster they get.

    The biggest benefits are low latency and IOPS with small files. Your OS will love you for adding SSD to the system.
  6. On mine I have 2 ports that are on the inside of the MOBO and plug directly and then there are 4 others that are located on the side. When you say "the first 2 ports", what exactly do you mean?
  7. You want to plug it into SATA1 port (bottom slot out of the two), as shown in the below image.

  8. OK..... I'm finally getting the explaination but I'll be running 2 in Raid 0 so I"m assuming I'll be plugging them in Sata 1 and 2?

    Sata 1 being the bottom slot on top of Sata 3 and Sata 2 being Top slot on top of Sata4... Is that right?
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    look right from the diagram. generally speaking you should try and have raided member drives set up on adjacent ports but it is not mandatory as long as both drives are attached to the same sata chip. So, since you have all 6 of those ports running from the same ICH10R sata chip it would be hard to screw it up.
  10. OK Thanks,

    I'll give it a go when they come in. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!! :)
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