Troubleshooting Blue Screen (BSOD). During Gameplay

My system specs.
i7 920 bloomfield (overclocked 3.8ghz)
x2 Ati 5870's Crossfire
Mobo Flaming blade GTI
PSU Corsiar tx850

I started getting blue screens of death during game play.
To try and find out what was causing the issue I started doing tests.

((Benchmark used was heavens Dx11 free version.))
((Vid Cards not overclocked))
Reformat & New windows install---------------------------------------Result: BSOD still happening
Eliminate background running programs & update drivers/windows------- Result:BSOD still happening
Memory diagnostic tool-------------------------------------------------Result: Clean
Check Disk for bad sectors---------------------------------------------Result: Clean
Disabling overclock on cpu & runnings 45min benchmark---------------Result: No BSOD
Pulling 2nd Video Card outwith overclock on & 45min benchmark-----Result: No BSOD
Overclock on cpu w/ both vid cards installed & 45min benchmark-----Result: BSOD within 5 minutes.

I suspect that I have a failing PSU that is causing the BSOD because I have had power
supplies fail a lot more often than other computer parts in my house with more than
one computer. I have had Failing PSU's cause BSOD's in the past I suspect that since
I have a old house the electical system in my house
is not all that great. My power supply is also a little more than 1yr old.

Tomshardware is becoming one of my favorite sites to find good advice.
I'm considering purchasing a new 1200watt psu in the very near future.
If you have any advice please feel free to advise me in this matter.
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  1. One more thing.
    I'm 100% sure that Nothing is overheating & I have been using the same overclock method for more than 6 months.
  2. It's most likely an overclock setting/settings not being correct. What do you have for ram, and what settings did you use for that 3.8ghz? I can tell you right now if you have 1600mhz ram or higher @ 3.8ghz, you'll need upwards of 1.3 possibly more on the qpi/dram voltage. That's just one place to start, list more info if you can.
  3. Okay, I don't understand how it might be overclocking when it was perfectly fine with the same settings for more than 5 months but here is the overclocking information.

    CPU turbo-Enabled
    CPU Block speed 180mhz
    CPU core multiplier x20 3606mhz (will not go higher than x20)
    QPI target speed 3245mhz
    Uncore Target speed 2887mhz
    PCIE bus clock 100mhz
    EIST disabled
    CPU core voltage (+40mv) 1.30250v
    Vdroop Disabled (default)
    VTT Uncore +20mv
    1.8v pll voltage settings 1.800v (defualt)
    CPU clock amplitude 0.800v (default)
    X58 IOH Core Volts 1.20v (1.10v Default)
    X58 IOH VCCA 1.1v 1.116v
    X58 IOH 1.5v 1.518v
    X58 SB Voltage 1.518v
    DRAM 1.65 (1.60v Default)

    CPU Stress TEST program OCCT 100% cpu load temp 73degrees Celsius
    CPU heat sink & Cooler Zulman cnps11x

    Just so you know I'm not a genius at computers I just read online overclocking guides and follow the best advise.
  4. My ram is 6gb 3 x 2gb DDR3 Tripply channel
    XMS3 Corsair intell i7 extreme edition
    When I start my comp its says my ram is 1444mhz
    CPUz stats NB Frequency 2882.2mhz
    I think it should be 1600mhz Ram
    Model # TR3X6G1600CB G
  5. Have you tried clearing the bios and reworking the overclock? Is that +20mv VTT=1.4 or 1.22?
  6. The Orig and/or Defualt Volts for the VTT uncore will not display
    The +20mv was changed from a non MV boost/increase.

    Yes I have cleared my overclock settings I had to do that in order to accomplish the tests that I was referring to in my first post.

    I have a "Load Optimized Defaults" that works really nice.
  7. After a lot of interviews, reading, thoughts, and consideration I have decided too buy a new power supply.

    There a plenty of user and consumer reviews on newegg with people claiming that they have purchased the same exact power supply as myself and that this same power supply has failed in a time frame spanning from 5 months up until 1.5 years. I have had my power supply for 1 year and 2 months.

    One other symptom I had experienced very very frequently up untill the time I had a few BSOD's was games randomly crashing to the desktop. This happened to me about 30-50 times before I had my first BSOD.

    At first I thought it was my antivirus that was causing this issue but I came across a post stating one common system for a failing PSU is games crashing to desktop.

    This along with a nice handful of other reasons I have decided to grab a new PSU
  8. Ok good luck with it
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