Recommand GTX 285?

So guys i am going to probably sli gtx 285,

I am choosing between

So, even though the OC clock for MSI is quiet low, it has better cooling ability , so should I OC that myself?

And also does gtx 285 support Open GL

and is factory overclock necessary better than userend overclock? can we bascially turn BFG gtx 285 in BFG GTX 285 OCFU?
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  1. i would go for this one

    XFX's warranty is superb, double lifetime (meaning if you sell it or give it to a friend that person gets a lifetime warranty as well)

    and yes the GTX285 supports opengl (i think 2.1 maybe 3, i would have to look it up), though not as good as workstation cards aka Quadro FX's
  2. Why do you think the msi cools better? You are circulating hot air within the case. I would go with a stock cooler as they are quite sufficient for your needs. I second the vote for xfx for their superior warranty and evga would be second choice.
  3. i looked at the review and the GPU dropped nearly 10 degree C underload.
  4. mindless728 said:

    But evga version says its opengl 3.0 , so i am confused. But what does OpenGL do anyway.
  5. OpenGL is a competing API with DirectX3D. It allows programmers to more easily write programs using 3D and 2D graphics, just like DirectX. OpenGL is used more widely in 3D CAD programs while DirectX is used more widely in games.
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