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I have an HP Pavilion dv9933cl. Came with Vista. I scrapped this, flattened the drive and upon attempting to install XP Pro...am dealing with the "hard drive not found". Been searching and attempting to use the nLite way...but can't seem to snag any drivers. I have 'downloaded' all the drivers from the HP site for this system, but how do I 'execute' them into a file or onto a CD-Rom so that nLite will slipstream this? Baffles me. Obviously trying to execute these HP files on my Dell Desktop is not working. Have also gotten into the BIOS of the Pavilion, however am not offered an "advanced" mode where I can change the SATA information. (argh) Help, please? (blush)
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  1. You may need a floppy drive to install a jmicron sata driver to detect a sata drive with windows xp. Ide drives aren't a problem, and some sata I drives don't need this driver, but apparantly, yours does. During the installation, windows will prompt you to use the f6 key and install the jmicron driver using a floppy. If you need a floppy, I find them used in computer shops or my local goodwill computer center. On pricewatch, they start at around $8 shipped.
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