Will this mobo support amd quad fx?

i have some old pc parts laying around and want to build something. i have the amd quad fx-74 processors which includes 2 procs for use with the quad fx system. the only thing i need is a motherboard. i found this socket 1207 (f) on newegg it supports the opterons but no mention of the related fx. when the quad fx first came out it was only supported on that msi board, i forget the name and i looked for it on ebay and couldnt find one or it was really high priced. this tyan board would have updated features like pci express 2.0 and ddr2 800.

here it is if you want to see

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  1. I would get a regular single socket motherboard, such as the asus m2n-sli which works with this cpu, according to one review. I saw one of these boards on craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum for only $35 the other day. Use the other cpu for a spare, or sell it. Not worth spending almost four hundred dollars on one board just to use both.
  2. I also have 2 FX-74's lying around as my motherboard recently died under warranty. ASUS is still working on replacing the board, and they offered me there version of the board you had, which was designed to work on Opteron's. The sockets are the same, but ASUS does not recommend the Opteron board for the Athlon Quad FX. I am not sure if they have or have not tested it. The only boards that I am aware of that will work with the Quad FX processors are Asus L1N64-SLI WS and WS/B.

    Have you tried it yet? Did it wo
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