Hello I have a Dell optiplex GX620 with a intel pentium D 3.0 GHz 800 SL88S Malay
I bought a intel pentium D3.4 GHz SL9K8 costa rica same bus speed but when I intall the 3.4 cpu the machine it make a ticking noise and it dosn't start I need to know if the cpu is not working or is there a compatibillity problem as I can see is the same FB same family and same socket they look the same but the SL9K8 its not working.
please I need some help.
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  1. Did you clear the CMOS?
  2. Will it work eith the old pentium D 3.0? Have you tried clearing the cmos (pull the battery and leave it out for 5 minutes when put it back)
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    Don't really think this is it, but it's always worth trying when you're dropping in a new CPU... have you updated the BIOS to the latest revision?

    And this is a more long-term question... are you sure the OEM heatsink/fan are up to the task of cooling a faster CPU? Those are some HOT AS HELL CPUs you're listing. I'm guessing you have Pentium D 940 or 945 based on the clock speed you gave us.
  4. I found the solution, The problem was the BIOS the funny thing is that I called Dell support and they didn't give me a solution, well I installed BIOS A11 from dell website and the Optiplex GX620 can support Pentium D 960 all it needs to upgrade the BIOS.
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