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hi everyone
I wanted to buy a new motherboard for a core i5 2500k cpu and i wanted to make it cheap. so I find some but the power phases were different and since cpu is k version so i thought maybe that cause problems.

my question is 1)If I make multiplier higher It will consume more power? ( Sorry if it sound idiotic ) :pt1cable:
2) Will this limit my cpu overclocking ( only changing multiplier ) ?

I was looking at motherboards like GA-P67A-D3 with 4 power phases.

thanks in advance
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    1- Yeah, an overclocked CPU use more power.
    2- No, your overclock is limited by the CPU's voltage and heat.
  2. Welcome To Toms =)

    Just one thing of advice when it comes to motherboards try and invest as much money as possible into your board always makes the difference, i find its always best.
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