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Hi, I'm new and unfortunately not very tech savy. I have a HP Athlon 2.5GHz dual core, motherboard M2N68-LA with intergrated GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 card with 250W power supply. Not a big gamer but enjoy half life etc. Just wondering what is best bang for buck on small budget and what is compatable for this machine etc etc.
Thanks, Harry
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  1. What do you look for? video card?
  2. Yeah upgrade the video card.
  3. I would like to recommend a 4670 but I'm not sure about your power supply. 4670 has power comsumption of 207W under load.

    It might be better if you would consider upgrading the PSU to something like this.
  4. That is a pretty small power supply.
    In order to get a decent new video card I would HIGHLY recommend a larger power supply to feed it.
    I would say to look at this link to get you started.
  5. a 250w will not power the 4670, try the 4550 for the cheapest fix or upgrade the PSU for future games. Luckily Valve does a good job optimizing their PC games and the 4550 will have no issue running Half Life 1 or 2.
  6. Thanks so much guys. Will probably go down the 4550 road for now until i can upgrade PSU. Hopefully my PCI express slot is NOT the top slot!
    Cheers, Harry
  7. I don't think your psu is capable of running anything much more than an 8400/9400GT (if that) which wont give you as much of an upgrade as you will likely want.

    Your PCI express is the longest slot closest to your processor.

    How much memory do you have installed? Its likely you could use some as pc manufacturers like to install the base amount to run windows and low end apps. You have DDR2 and its cheap right now.

    Wait until you can replace your power supply and get a decent video card. You will be throwing money away otherwise...
  8. A 9500GT doesn't use up much power. Since you got a half step multiplier (12.5x) I'd assume that you have the Brisbane Athlon X2 so that doesn't use up too much power either. A 9500GT would be just fine in your system. The Radeon 4670 is much better, but uses considerably more power and would really be pushing that cheap PSU. If you have money to upgrade your PSU and get a decent video card then go for it. If not then just get a 9500GT for now.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your power supply wont support anything desirable. If you want to go on the cheap the do the following:

    Power supply: not the best but good and cheap

    Video Card:

    Memory: If you find you are deficient

    This will get you very acceptable game play with half-life 1 & 2 and a few other games.

    The lowest power requirement I could find on any of the 3 cards suggested was a 4550 @ 270 watts. The rest were 300 and above. I think that's asking for problems IMO especially after my issue:
  10. many thanks!
  11. Let us know what you get as this is our reward for making suggestions. ;)
  12. Give us about a week but will keep you posted.
    Cheers, Harry_H
  13. Sounds good. ;)
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