Sound is dead after Oc'ing

I tried to overclock my gpu of Sony Vaio VPC F13S8E/B.GC2 ( GeForce GT 425M ) with EVGA Precision, firstly it showed a black screen, I restarted it - it booted normally but i had no sound and still dont have any!I reseted the settings and unistalled the program restarted the pc and nothing
Help me please ! :sweat:
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  1. check in ur bios if audio hd is enabled ^^
  2. It worked fine be4 i overclocked is it possible that it got disabled? :/
  3. Or the OC caused a memory burp borked a driver which is most likely.
  4. i was under the impression he already tried the standard things like re-installing drivers/programs and it didnt help so he posted here^^
  5. no more messages from shrimp,. so either Bios recovery set audio to default disabling his external card after his OC failed,. or re-installing drivers worked :)
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