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So I just bought this HDD (the 2tb) because the guy at fry's swore it was one of the best. Now that I got home, I dont even want to open the package because I might just return it. My question is should I keep it or should I get another brand? I dont need that much space, I am content with a 500gb. It cost me 120 dlls. I also need to clone (I think that would be my best choice) the Hdd I have now to the new one...Is that easy? I just wanna upgrade my hdd (mine is like 6 yrs old) N i would like to have a 64mb buff 7200 rpm and sata 3 or 6gb. Help please. Thanks in advance.
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  1. In terms of performance you're better off with the largest drive available. 500GB of files on a 500GB drive would use up the whole drive and it means the heads would have to seek the maximum amount of distance when moving from the first file on the drive to the last.

    500GB of files on a 2TB drive would fit in 1/4 of the drive, so the heads won't have to move as far. The result will be a drive that can access files a little more quickly. It's not a huge difference, but it's there.

    A 2TB drive is also a lot more future-proof - over the next several years you can expect your storage needs to grow, and having a drive with plenty of extra capacity will avoid having to upgrade during that time.
  2. I guess it does make sense the way you put it. Now If i was to clone to use it as my startup drive...since I dont have a bootable disk or windows anymore (for the serial number) how would I do it? The easiest way :) Thanks for the help.
  3. I was able to clone the OS drive using Windows 7 "System Image" backup and restore. That requires the use of a third drive to hold the backup.
  4. Oh man I have tried for a day almost two and I cant...:( I think I just might return it and buy one that might come with software to copy the hdd.
  5. A note of caution, 2TB drives are great and even better 3TB drives are available now as well. Just be sure you have your data backed up. If you ever need a data recovery operation performed on drives of this size you can expect it to take possibly weeks to do and be at least twice as costly as a smaller drive.
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