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HI everyone, i recently bought a new pc, i spent a lot of money, ( not bought in USA ) to update from my old p4 2.4 512 ddr geforce 6200 .... ( dunno why i list the old pc specs ..)

ok , then, the problem is the following.... it wasnt built by myself, although i know how to build a system but wasnt brave enough,,

when i first booted everything ran smoothly, i managed to give format to c: and later install xp pro 32 bits......


i installed the drivers, nero, office, blah blah blah.....

finally after hours of using the pc i decided to watch a movie.... in the middle of the movie the pc suddenly reboots but didnt reboot like when you reboot windows, it was like automatically shutted down ( like if you plug off the cable from the psu )

then it rebooted, didnt give it importance since i had so many programs installing why watching the movie that maybe one of them finalized its installation and rebooted the machine.....

then it happend again in a shorter period of time... then when i tried again it was like 2 secs of boot i mean no display on screen but could hear the fans and shut down until the computer wouldnt boot even for those 2 secs....

the day after that i booted normally and after several hours of using the pc happened again.....

today is the 3rd day and im writing from the computer dont know if will reboot while writing.......

the problem is that i checked all the cables and all are properly connected, i thought in the first place it was a temp issue but i was monitoring with everest and temps wasnt high at all!!

i believe it has to do with the psu but wanted a second opinion, i believe it is whether the psu is not powerful enough to support my system or it is damaged.....

i list my setup so you can tell if the psu is powerful enough...

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R
q6700 @ 2.66
ati 4890
2x 2gb kingston ddr2 800mhz hyperx
encore tv tuner
antec 500 w basic

PS: I also wanted to hear other opinions maybe, im wrong, it is the mobo or the cpu i dont know, but i think that the way it rebooted so suddenly and the pc all the time runs smoothly without freezing or anything i believe that is that the psu stops working.... however i dont know how to explain why sometimes work and sometimes dont,
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  1. What are the temps at? Download prime95 and use it to stress all 4 cores of your CPU simultaneously and post the high temperatures and idle temperatures here.
  2. yeah the problem is that i dont know if it is the best way to test, for example if it is the psu maybe when i stress the hardware the pc will use more energy so the psu wont be enough and will reboot.... however this is like the cpu is the part that produces reboots, how can i test whether a psu is working correctly or not?
  3. Download HW monitor from the makers of CPU-Z and use that to check the temps and voltages. If it was a PSU glitch it should drop out as soon as you put things under load, it wouldnt have taken so long through the movie for it to drop out.

    Even if your PSU is bad, but i doubt it especially if it is a new antec basiq it should be able to handle a 4890, stressing out the CPU wont put it at too much risk for a PSU issue as the issue would be present nonstop likely.
  4. check the psu fan is running

    check the heatsink is firmly on the cpu

    you have described classic overheating behaviour
  5. how much time do i have to run prime 95??'

    how can i increase the cpu fan speed,

    how can i check my gpu temp

    how can i test whether the psu is the problem or not?
  6. i checked out the mother and it has a 4x2 pin but i only connected one 2x2 pin because my psu doesnt have 4x2 pins.....

    could be that the cpu dont get enough power so it suddenly shuts down???

    could be that the cpu is broken ??
    could be the motherboard that is broken¿ thanks in advantage?
  7. pleaseee needing help here!!!

    dunno if to buy a more powerful psu or claim for warranty for cpu / mobo / psu
  8. ok so i guess ill the thread, thnx for those who answered
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