I am building a desktop . I have a problem choosing the CPU can anyone help ?



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  1. What other specifications have the PC? Mobo, RAM, GPU, PSU, Case....
  2. What are you going to be doing with this machine? Will you need the extra threads and processing power provided by the i7? Whats the budget for this build?
  3. First of all, it is pointless to spend on a Q9550 because it is a dead platform (a Phenom II 955 is a great alternative that is both faster and will last longer). I7 is a good CPU, but for most users it is pointless except if you do heavy multitasking.
  4. I agree with Cryslayer80
    Q9550 is no more a good deal to buy...

    i7 is the best but will be useless for many ppl as they may not be using it to its full potential.

    A Phenom 2 rig will be the best if you don't go for i7.
  5. Or an i5.

    The only way a Q9550 makes sense is if you already have an LGA775 motherboard that you want to upgrade.
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