Have i damaged my motherboard?

I just got at P5Q deulxe and i installed my ram 2x2gb and 2x1gb stick and i installed windows 7 everything was working and suddenly today i coudn't stat my pc . i got blue screen and i always crashed at startup when i wrote my password.

So i decided to test my ram
and when i was testing them one by one i found out that one stick was not working.

But while i was doing this i forgot ones to unplug the PSU and the motherboard had power(light was on) and i removed and installed a ram. Now it says inte the manual that you should unplug psu becuase it can damage componet ( i think they meen ram because it was on the ram installing page), or the motherboard.

Now is there any way i can cheek if my motherboard is allright and nothing bad happend to it?
I am in windows that meens that it is working. I wan't to be sure that everything is okey.

What is the possiblity that something will get damged when someone does this kind of mistake?
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  1. Don't worry about it. You said your system is working, so it is highly unlikely that you did anything to your motherboard. Just don't make a habit of working on your system with the power ON.

    Now, to the more important question of your RAM. You should try to test your RAM using Memtest86+. You should download it from here, and make sure you get Version 4.0 because it is the only version that works with 4 GB or more of RAM:

    Good luck.
  2. One more question
    when i install 2x2 gb and one 1 gb stick windows 7 chrashes just like the way it did with the bad ram.
  3. You should be able to test your memory sticks one at a time in the primary memory slot, but otherwise the RAM should be installed in pairs. If you already know that one of your memory sticks is bad, I would RMA it. Fortunately, you have a good working set of RAM, so will not experience any down time.
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