Ejecting an SSD using remove drive command

I have a question. When i installed win 7 on my hdd in the ich10r in ahci mode there was always an option to remove the device as though it was like removable media like a usb stick so when i clicked on the usb icon a list came up of removable media and the system hdd was on there as a device that i could remove. When i came to install win 7 on my new ssd on the marvell sata 6g port in ahci mode i've noticed that this option has been removed, its no longer in the removable media list that comes up when you click on the usb icon. What does this mean? Is my ssd not in ahci mode even tho its set to ahci in the bios or is it something else like hot plugging/swapping being enabled/disabled?
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  1. Most likely, the system recognizes drives on the southbridge as removable, but not those on the extra controller. This happens on my Asus P7P55D Deluxe mobo, with any drives on the JMicron controller not being on the eject list.

    For some fun, you could eject your system drive and see what happens. I would back it up first, just in case.

    Edit: You could use Disk Mangler to mark it as removable storage.
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