4870x2 with Accelero Xtreme DEAD

Hello guys,

Heres the situation:

Was enjoying some team fortress 2 tonight, and took a quick break. Came back, loaded the game back up... system hang.

Rebooted, (which took a lot longer than normal) loaded the game back up, and I had vertical bands of color across both of my monitors.

Rebooted again, this time with an error code of "no vga" from my motherboard.

Obviously this card is dead, but my problem is that I have had an AC Accelero Xtreme 4870x2 heatsink for the last few months. Temps had been great with it, lowering my temps from 80s to 40s..

Heat doesnt seem to be the killer, just a bad card. HOW should I go about returning this card if at all possible??

Getting the stock heatsink back on may be quite a chore, since most of the original thermal pads were damaged in the installation process..

help, where should I go?
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  1. Just use Arctic Silver or similar and put on the original heatsink and return it.
    I have done so without any problem.
  2. evongugg said:
    Just use Arctic Silver or similar and put on the original heatsink and return it.
    I have done so without any problem.

    What about the thermal pads? Should I try to salvage as many I can from the AC Xtreme?
  3. hi, what is your motherboards model number?
  4. Haha, I threw out my old stock cooler, hopefully my card doesn't die anytime soon...
  5. pcfixed said:
    hi, what is your motherboards model number?

    I have an Asus P6T WS. I know for certain that the card is dead and not the motherboard.

    I sent out a series of e-mails to: the card manufacturer (sapphire), as well as Arctic Cooling.

    good news:
    1. The card is being RMA'd to Athlon Micro.
    2. Arctic Cooling is sending me free replacement pads as well as longer x-plate screws.
    3. I was able to reattach the original cooler to my 4870x2 with the AC's thermal pads.

    bad news:
    1. Could possibly take 2-4 weeks for a replacement 4870x2.
    2. "modified" cards are not covered under Athlon Micro's warranty (not sure if changing the heat sink classifies as modification).

    Soo.. I'm just crossing my fingers here, hoping that my card is indeed covered by the warranty. Assuming all goes well, should have my replacement card, new thermal pads, longer screws (easier installation) sometime within the next two weeks. :D

    thanks evongugg, hopefully there are no "modification" problems with my card.
  6. 4870x2 killed 8/10 cards at noticias3d forums
    (Spanish) http://foro.noticias3d.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=291530

    they are trying to get legal accions agains artic cooler due a cooler issue

    Temperatures of VDDC get over 130º
    some of them were playing over a month with out problems till... crash!!!!
  7. My 4870x2 with Accelero Xtreme DEAD too.

    and I try 4870X2 of two pices but still dead.

    I think about It have some problem of AC FAN.

    I hope AC Inc. can retrieve the FAN and indemnify all user.
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