XP won't recognize USB mouse

Hi, hoping you can help me. I have a pc with XP SP2 and have not used it for 10 months as I have been travelling. I want to get some stuff off it (to put on my laptop), clean it up and sell it. Now for some reason the pc will not recgonize the mouse (that it was quite happy with before) and I am unable to do anything with it. Could someone help me please?
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  1. Are the USB ports working at all?
    e.g. have you tried a USB keyboard or USB flash drive or another USB mouse?
  2. I am having a similar problem; when I plug a mouse into my laptop it doesn't work, but when I plug that same mouse into another computer it works fine. I have tried this 3 different times, all with the same result. I know the USB port works because when I plug in my ipod to charge there are no problems.

    If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate it!

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