Ninja 3 vs MUX-120 vs CM 212

Hello everyone.

It has been a while since the last time I bought a CPU cooler, and now that I'm building a new gaming PC I think that it's time to learn a bit about the new coolers available.

After reading a good bunch of reviews, I can't decide between the following ones:

-Scythe Ninja 3
-Cooler Master Hyper 212+
-Thermalright MUX-120 Black

Which one do you recommend me? The Ninja 3 and Mux-120 look gorgeous (and sadly, kinda huge), but performance is what really matters after all.

The CPU will be a Phenom II X6 1100T. I'm not planning to OC it at all.
Case will be a Thermaltake MK-Chaser 1, which should be big enough for tall coolers (big enough for a Ninja 3?).

Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. If you're not planning to OC the X6 1100T then most any CPU cooler will keep the max load temps below 50C which is the unofficial point where higher temp errors tend to occur. Any one of those three coolers will work fine.
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