Installing OEM version of XP on new MOBO?

Ok so my current computer is taking a dump on me. The current motherboard needs to be replaced.

Now ive been reading alot of conflicting things online about the OEM for Windows XP.

Alot of people are saying that OEM versions CAN NOT be installed onto a new motherboard, while another group are saying that this type of OEM was not included in Windows XP and that you can infact add it to another mobo but can only have it on one system at a time...

Im really confused on if this is possible or not, any help you guys can offer I would be grateful.
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  1. Can it be done and can it Legally be done are 2 different things -- According to the windows License the OEM version is tied to the first system MOBO that it is installed on and once that MOBO no longer is in use the license to use the software also expires BUT they include an exception that allows it to continue to be used if the MOBO malfunctions and there is not a replacement available that is the same model for use as a replacement. Any other reuse is considered against their license agreement and therefore not legally useable.

    That said the OS can be installed without any problem -- but it may not activate properly and you will then need to contact MS and convince them to give you a working activation code or get locked out of the system after the grace period for activating the install passes.

    Thus the conflicting answers that you will receive when asking this type of question (and it has been this way since OEM versions have been offered and remains the same for WIN7)

    ---- So now for your question -- you say that the MOBO is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced so this brings up a few questions

    1. can you find another MOBO that is the same model and manufacturer as the existing MOBO ? If YES then in order to reuse the OS you have to purchase that MOBO as a replacement if you want to continue to use that OS product key.

    2.) If no - can you find a similar MOBO that allows you to reuse the same components ? - CPU, RAM, ETC. -- If yes then you need to get one of them in order to continue using the OS under the exemption for reuse of the license if the original MOBO ceases to function.

    3.) If still NO then you can still reuse the license by buying a new MOBO and replacing the CPU,RAM,etc. (so technically a new system) since the old MOBO malfunctioned and you were unable to find a replacement so had no choice but to upgrade the system.

    Or that is the way it is supposed to work --whether the MS rep that you have to talk to if the install fails to activate actually follows that process of questioning and gives you a new activation code or tells you that it does not qualify for reactivation depends on the mood of the REP that you get connected to when you call to activate the install (assuming it doesn't just auto activate after installing)

    So to summarize whether it is reuseable or not "DEPENDS" and you will not know for sure until you install it and try using it !
  2. Thats what I was afraid of.

    Another question. If I go ahead and buy my parts and try to reinstall XP and it fails. Is there anyway to order a OEM version of windows 7 without buying a bunch of hardware to go with it?
  3. Yes you can just order it -- pretty much all retailers have dropped the need to purchase qualifying parts nowadays so you can just order the software.
  4. Ok, Well thank you. You've been a big help. Looks like im gonna give it a go with my current OS and see if I cant save myself a little bit of money. Thanks again...
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