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Hi everyone,

I'm new here.

I just built my first box in a long time. I just spent the whole weekend gaming on it without worries, mostly WoW and Crysis. Some L4D. Everything ran perfectly.

Then on Monday night the computer randomly rebooted itself.

Tuesday it locked up twice, once rebooting itself. It gives some graphics distortion sometimes. Framerates starting to suffer, Crysis now takes longer to load.

Wednesday night (last night) I was raiding and it locked up solid on 4 separate occasions. Every time it rebooted without any problems and performed just as well until it crashed again. The last time I just went to bed.

This morning I reseated the video card and tried booting it. Gives me an Overclocking Failed! error. But I'm NOT! It sometimes will get past that and hang at a white cursor in the upper left. From what I've read it seems to be my ATI card. It also is roasting hot to the touch almost immediately. Thoughts?

I'm running...

3.4 AMD Deneb
Zalman 9700NT heatsink
Asus M4A79XTD EVO board
2x Samsung HD103UJ 1TB's in raid 1 on the board
8GB GSKILL memory (ran a memory test on it with win 7 prior to failure, came out good)
ATI 4890 HD
Corsair TX750 PSU
CoolerMaster HAF932 case
everything but the vid card runs cool, plenty of airflow
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  1. Also a quick note, I can still modify the bios and make changes, and have access to everything. Sometimes it gives the overclocking failed error at post, and sometimes it makes it by that to the blinking cursor. I'm thinking if it's not the video card, it's my raid 1. But I don't know if I can break that and still boot.
  2. [Off topic]
    mikhaelcohen I’ve the same motherboard as you and want to set raid 1. One disk is full, the other one is empty. What happen when I switch raid 1 option in bios? Is my data from disk 1 will be lost? Do I need to do something more to set raid 1? I’m going to install windows 7 after that.
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