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I have had this problem for quite a while. At random times, the webpages I visit (e.g: Tom's Hardware, Google, Runescape, Newegg) load very slowly. There are no viruses on my computer as I have a virus removal software that runs every day. I don't use a proxy either. The websites I frequent also start to having "Problem Loading Page." This happens also on IE8.

This is my ping:

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!
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  1. Any one??
  2. I really want to solve this problem, so any help is appreciated!
  3. You are getting bad pig and jitter. Try to run the test on server in geographic location further from the server they suggest and I think they will get even worse. I think that is your problem. Try to trace route to tomshardware to pick up what went wrong along the connection to THW server.
  4. 1 5 ms 9 ms 10 ms home []
    2 74 ms 48 ms 66 ms []
    3 12 ms * 68 ms
    4 16 ms 31 ms 22 ms []
    5 14 ms 29 ms 21 ms
    6 70 ms 115 ms 90 ms [208.1
    7 64 ms 74 ms 66 ms
    8 93 ms 121 ms *
    9 55 ms 55 ms 54 ms

    That's the tracert to However, it is random when the connection turns off to the websites, which makes it very annoying.
  5. Hello? Anyone?
  6. Looks ok to me, but I am going to get a second opinion.
  7. Alright. Sometimes when I ping, it times out.
  8. What kind of connection is it?
  9. Wireless.
  10. I think I can safely say that your connection problem is due to crappy wireless internet connection. No way around it, unless you choose internet with a line or a carrier with better wireless.
  11. Alright, thanks.
  12. I can't really decide what carrier I use cuz my parents pay all the bills, and my dad is too stubborn.

    EDIT: I use At&t.
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