Two different FSB memory will it create problem

My machine gets shutdown on its own from time to time. I replaced the Power supply still it gets shutsdown. What I have notice is I have 2x1GB RAM stick. And one is 533 FSB and other is 633 FSB. If i remove one of the stick then everyting works fine. So could different FSB of RAM cause the issue of shutdown? Is it necessary to have same FSB for both the RAM stick?
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  1. Strictly speaking, that is not the entire issue. RAM has the ability to run at different speeds.

    There are multiple factors: mhz, timing, voltage ...

    Two modules, even if they have the same mhz printed on them, can behave slightly different and do crazy stuff when used together, depending on the configuration.

    That is why dual and triple channel packs are sold. They are guaranteed to have the same specs.
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