PC Upgrades!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Lets say today (though realistically more toward 11-10-09...i wonder why =D)

Budget: $700 at the most.


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, keyboard, monitor, pwr supply (hopefully)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg.com unless its cheaper elsewhere obviously.


OVERCLOCKING: whatever gives me the most beastly computer.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want it to be rather beastly. I'm looking to upgrade my video card (radeon 3870) and processor (amd athlon 6400+ 3.2 duo core). I'm assuming I'm going to need a new motherboard.

To sum it up I want a new motherboard, video card, processor, and case for 700 or less. And maybe Vista. I have xp. Not sure how big a deal it is really.
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  1. What power supply do you currently have? If you arent planning on buying until november i would hold off a bit, we dont know where the i5 will fall, and the 5xxx series of GPUs will drop the 4xxx series prices considerably(hard to believe considering how fast they are currently dropping)
  2. Yeah, if you're waiting till November there is no point in doing this now. Prices and availability, as well as combo deals, will be completely different by then. For now a cheap upgrade would getting an AM3 crossfire board, a Phenom II 550, some DDR3 RAM, and another 3870 to run them in crossfire. You can upgrade to a quad core latter on. If you already have a crossfire board, then perhaps upgrading or overclocking your CPU as well as adding another 3870 should give you a decent boost.
  3. Right now I've got a 500w power supply, ATI Radeon 3870, 3 gigs of ram, and amd 3.2 duo core.
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