Can't complete XP SP3 Pro install (AHCI problem?)


Need help on this:

New build of my desktop PC.

I have two HDD, a Seagate 7200.12 500Gb SATA II drive and a WD 320 Gb IDE drive. Also, I have a Optiarc DVDROM SATA drive.

The IDE HDD is connected as Primary IDE.

The SATA HDD is configured in BIOS as AHCI, as well as the DVDROM.

I have slipstreammed a CD with WinXP SP3, including the updated SATA drivers retrieved from the ASUS site. Note that they were included in the ISO CD if Textmode format (and not PnP).

So, both HDD are detected (in BIOS and in at the beginning of XP installation) and I start to install XP, everything is fine.

The SATA HDD is the boot unit and I am able to create partitions and format. After formatting, I start installing Xp, everything is Ok and the PC restarts to continue installation of Xp in Windows environment.

And is at this point that I get a BSOD saying that I may have a virus on the HDD and to run chkdsk, etc. Sorry, I was unable to get all the message.

Until I provide you with the complete message (will have to do all over again), can you please, in advance, indicate what I am doing wrong?

Tks a lot!
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  1. You may have to slipstream or F6 the drivers from . Or are those what you got from the Asus site?

    An interesting experiment would be to put the drives into IDE mode instead of AHCI and see if that works. If it still doesn't, that narrows things down. But that experiment requires that you do[\i] do the whole thing all over again.

    Good luck. Why on Earth are you still using an IDE hard drive? Much faster drives are now standard.
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